About Weldon Builders


With a dedication to customer satisfaction, luxury design and custom construction, Weldon Builders provides a specialized approach to custom home building and commercial construction throughout Mid-Missouri.


Our custom construction philosophy never changes:

Weldon Builders & Construction’s Philosophy

Always do right by the materials,

the location and the client
Never forget why you're building 

in the first place
No matter how you do it, leave 

your mark

With this philosophy as the backbone of our business, we approach each construction job with a dedication to remarkable design and outstanding customer service. From the moment we set foot onto the property until we hand over the keys, our intention is clear - we’re committed to designing your luxury custom home or business to meet the highest standards and trends in style, comfort, functionality and safety.


From The Top Down: Meet our lead custom home contractor, Scott Weldon.

National Luxury Custom Construction Experience with Mid-Missouri Roots

Scott began his career in construction as a general subcontractor. He later transitioned into general contracting, working on numerous accounts nationwide from commercial retail to luxury home construction. Over the years, Scott realized his love for cultivating homes and properties unique to the client never wavered. Each construction project deepened his passion for intentional design and refined craftsmanship.



With years of luxury construction experience and design expertise, he refined his skills in custom home building and identified the philosophies which would define his new business, Weldon Builders & Construction. From there, Scott dedicated himself to combining the worlds of superior custom home construction and first-rate, relatable customer service.

Scott and his wife Mackenzie, have four beautiful children, two girls, Reece and Quin, and two boys, Drake and Jax, and live in Trenton, Missouri.